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International transport

EU Transport


   In the conditions of serious market competition in this line of business our major advantages are the attractive prices and the time limits for up to 20-21.t freight delivery.


Transportation of complete and grouped consignments within the European Union:
With private motor vehicles:

  • Main destinations:
  • Bulgaria – Hungary – Bulgaria/
  • regular lines European Union,
  • Bulgaria - Slovakia - Bulgaria/
  • European Union,
  • Bulgaria – Austria – Bulgaria/
  • European Union,
  • Bulgaria – Romania – Bulgaria/
  • European Union.

Other destinations:

Poland, Slovenia, Italy, Spain, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands.


The company’s shipping activity includes international, as well as national transportation. We use carriers, who transport goods regularly to the respective destinations and are acquainted with their peculiarities.

In accordance with the international requirements we transport every type of ADR.


We transport oversized load freights up to 60 tons.

We try to maintain the services we offer through out motor vehicles and retain the guaranteed quality, accuracy and propriety at delivery of every freight.